Winter garden

Does your garden lack in winter? Of course most people’s do; perennials die away, fading underground again until next year. Most trees and bushes loose their leaves and colours disappear to leave browns and greys. But there is no need to have a completely drab, bare garden with this stunning and fragrant bed.

Mostly made up of small to medium trees, these can be kept to a size which is suitable to your garden. Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ lights up any corner and is a must for any winter bed, the firey stems shine out against the deep dark green background of Taxus baccata. These are clipped into neatly shaped cones (or spheres depending on your preference) lending an elegance and formality to this design as well as a permanent structure.

As well as the simple yet sophisticated feel of this bed, there are beautiful scents which is characteristic of winter-flowering shrubs. One of which, Sarcococca confusa, has a glorious perfume which will lift any dull winter afternoon. The Sarcoccoca is evergreen with glossy green leaves and after profusion of tiny creamy white flowers, it ends its season with clusters of shiny black berries (Non-edible).

Underplanted with circles of delicate winter bulbs, this bed is not too fussy as to where it’s situated, the Winter Garden can be planted in any aspect, although well draining soil is quite essential, for the Yew cones especially.

Contact me here for details of the bed plan in full.