Sweetshop garden

The Sweetshop bed was the first Feature Flower Bed to be conceived; brought about by a self-seeded match on a gravel path where there were Centranthus (ruber and var.coccineus) and Alchemilla mollis in flower, the bright froth of the lime green against the baby pink and white gave the impression of a sweet cloud of candy floss and I began to think about what would go next to it to continue the theme.

with thanks to Madeline Packman for her beautiful illustrations

The Sweetshop colours evoke childhood with their clean bright shades and shapes; the Echinacea purpurea have simple forms which evoke childhood memories, imagine small noses pressed against the glass of the window of the brightly lit sweetshop, the colours making mouths water and eyes gleam.

Amongst them are Geranium ‘roxanne’ (a variety which flowers throughout the whole season) which glows indigo, the clear light pink of the Persicaria superba, its lolly pop shapes adding structure.

There’s also Agapanthus ‘Midnight Star’ a spray of bright blue, Dahlia ‘David Howard’ a warm orange loose pom pom with a darkened centre like a smooth butterscotch.

The cheerful Rudebeckia is a late bloomer and throws up a cheerful yellow into Autumn. The constants in the bed are the twists of Buxus, which will stand alone in the winter, sparkling with frost; icing sugar on the Christmas cake.

This Feature Flower bed is best suited to a South/East or West facing patch with well-drained soil.

Contact me here for details of the bed plan in full.