Fire garden

Most of the Feature Flower Beds are designed to look their best with at least two seasons in mind, The Fire Garden will have colour for spring and summer and what a glorious two seasons they will be!

with thanks to Madeline Packman for her beautiful illustrations

Picture this bed as an eruptive volcanic rock, with the flowers as shoots of flame spurting up in the midday sun. The first of which will be Forsythia x intermedia; a welcome blaze of yellow in the early spring, when most branches are bare and the leaves are long yet to come.

The flames lick at the edges of the bed with the colourful tips of the Imperata cylindrica (Japanese Blood Grass) followed by the bright sparks of the Eschscholzia californica which will perpetuate throughout the spring and summer.

Continus coggygria emerges in brilliant purple, ready to ‘smoke gently’ when the hazy fluffy flower heads appear in late summer. Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ adds to the firey bed with their own devilish colour. The deep black grasses represent the volcanic rock, providing a neutral background to make this flowerbed light up.

The Fire Garden is best in a sunny aspect, South or West facing with well drained soil.

Contact me here for details of the bed plan in full.