Fairytale garden

This is one of my ‘Feature Flower bed’ designs. Please click here to read about what these are.

If there isn’t fairies at the bottom of your garden already, you’ll be able to lure them in with this fairy grove.

The crabapple Red Sentinel (the red apple being symbolic of the fairytales, though sadly these are not for eating raw but very tasty in a jelly) presides over the bed, the prolific glossy scarlet fruit will keep on the tree until late Autumn. Under-planted with ferns and Dicentra; the exquisite pink hearts trembling on the stems together with the graceful arcs of the ferns gives a woodland feel under the shade of the Crabapple.

The foxgloves produce gentle pastel colours and give a certain wildness to the bed, together with the delicate nodding heads of the white Gaura, they lend height and structure. Framing the bed are Lysimachia clethroides and Veronicastrum virginicum lavendeltrum; tall, elegant spires of white and puple (the Lysimachia flowers are indeed meant to grow at that angle! But they add an ethereal and quirky touch). There is shimmering silvers and bright dots of colour, and the veined leaves of the Heuchera could be straight out of Arthur Rackham’s illustrated fairy stories.

Underplanted with Bluebells which are the very bells which the fairies ring (allegedly!) This is a beautifully soft Feature Bed which will glow magically through the seasons.

This bed is well suited to partial shade and sun, in a south, west or east aspect, with moist yet well-drained soil. It is at its best from late Spring to early Autumn.

Contact me here for details of the bed plan in full.