Feature Flower Beds

“the accent of your garden”

Feature Flower Beds is not about re-designing your whole garden or starting again from scratch. It is not about incorporating large hard landscaping projects or completely changing what’s there already.

Imagine a feature wall in a house; a room might be made up of 3 plain walls to neutralise the space, but the fourth wall is different – it can be patterned, coloured with designs or pictures; it’s exciting, it’s dynamic, it’s the focus of the room.

A Feature Flower Bed is exactly that, it spotlights on shrubs and flowers as opposed to structures for them to climb up or gravel paths which wind through them.

If there is an area, border or bed which you’d like to breathe fresh life into, like the fourth wall, the Feature Flower could be the focal point of the garden.

Feature Flower Beds are a collection of uniquely designed beds without the added cost of a designer; a professional look which can be subtly sculpted to suit the dimensions and dynamics of your garden. If you’re after a low maintenance but high quality garden design then Feature Flower Beds could be the choice for you.

I want to make it easy and affordable for everyone; a beautiful garden should not be exclusive nor should it necessarily mean hard work.

Feature Flower beds

The Personal Touch

Pre-designed beds are not a new idea, but I hope that you will find Feature Flower Beds are just a bit different. I haven’t used formulaic predictable designs and I don’t simply send you packets of seeds and leave all you all the hard work. I pride myself on delivering the best of designs, bed preparation and planting as I can.

I’ve taken every plant in each design into consideration and made sure that they are suited to the bed and the aspect. If you love one particular design but have reservations about a particular plant, I can change that; although the designs are set out previously, small adjustments can be made in accordance to either your tastes or if the soil/aspects are not appropriate for the plants.

Please be aware that depending on the time of year, plants are subject to availability. substitutions will be made and will be as close to the original as possible.

Questions Questions…

So, why would you contact me?

Maybe you have a small space but not entirely sure what to do with it?

Or you have a larger garden? Is there a corner of it which has been crying out for a rejuvenation?

Which plants and shrubs would be best suited for the aspect of your garden?

What colours and forms do you like?

Is there a season in which your garden looks lacking? Even in the depths of winter a garden can still shine…

The Next Step?

Have a look at my collection of Feature Flower Bed designs. Once you see one that you like, get in touch. I’ll organise a visit to suit you and discuss exactly what look you’d like, what dimensions we’re dealing with as although the designs are ready to go, obviously every garden is different. I can tailor the design to suit your area – maybe the design needs to be made smaller or larger; the amount of plants could be adjusted; lessened or duplicated. Depending on your aspect and soil, we might have to think about the plants themselves, although they have been chosen to suit most soils and aspects.

Then what?

Then What?

I’ll draw up a plan of exactly what you’ll need in order to create your own Feature Flower Bed and we’ll agree on a quote, then set to planting. Depending on the condition of the soil, I might need to do some ground preparation; weeding or adding organic matter, then we go ahead and plant up.

Things to remember…

Please bear in mind that each design has a 3 – 4 year plan in terms of when the bed or border will be at optimal height and spread, so the plants will be small when first planted but with the right care and protection, it won’t be long until the bed has reached its full potential and beauty.

In regards to maintenance, I offer a plant care package; I’ll supply you with information as to how to take care of the beds or I also offer a twice annual maintenance plan where I can come in the Spring and the Autumn to make sure that your Feature Flower Bed remains beautiful!

Feature Flower Beds have been designed to look at their best from late Spring to late Autumn (although there is a design for a Winter Garden.) I have tried to incorporate plants to add interest at different points of the year, but the borders and beds have been specifically designed to be at optimal beauty at the time when you are enjoying your garden most.

So take time to look through the design collection and have a think about what appeals to you most. I’m happy to discuss any questions or queries, just get in touch here.